I was introduced to Bowen work by Gisela this past Summer. I had never heard of this technique and was more accustomed to deep tissue therapeutic massage.

After my first session with Gisela, I could not help but think that there was no way this “lighter touch” could make a difference. My first session resulted in a feeling of general wellbeing immediately afterwards.

Several hours after this treatment, I could actually feel my muscles working, which I had been advised would happen. I subsequently attended a series of sessions with Gisela which continued to elicit overall improvements in my posture, digestion, mental alertness and an overall sense of wellbeing.

The detoxification process was evident too as my bloating and ankle swelling reduced almost immediately. I am now a firm believer in utilizing Bowen therapy as not only a healing tool for a tired, overworked body, but for excellent health maintenance.

Davia R.
Human Resources Assistant, Wayne, MI


An episode of low back pain convinced me to call Gisela and set up an appointment. I did not know what to expect and must admit I was curious, suspicious, doubtful and hopeful all at the same time.

The simplicity of the therapy amazed me and was unlike any familiar treatments I had known. Gisela explained what she was going to do each step of the way. I was aware of changes in my low back even as she worked on me and tremendous relief in the very first session.

The days following the session brought marked improvement and by the end of the week I was moving about without limitation or discomfort.

I don’t understand it but it works! Gisela has a unique way of expressing sincerity, warmth and concern with professionalism.

Thanks, Gisela! You made a difference in my life.

Beth W.


I am a 54 year old woman who performs heavy physical labor caring for an adult with paralysis. Over the years, I have needed a series of physical therapy sessions approximately twice a year for back pain, shoulder pain and sciatica because of this body strain. After starting regular bowenwork sessions a little over one year ago, I have not needed physical therapy, and no longer have regular shoulder, back or sciatic nerve pain. When I have experienced pain from over exertion, bowenwork sessions have corrected my issues and relieved my pain. My posture has also improved from bowenwork sessions!

Cindy S.