Bowenwork Training

Bowenwork Training

Put Wellness in Your Hands

This workshop is open to everyone!
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Massage Therapists will  4 receive credit hours! 

Bowenwork is a gentle, effective, noninvasive touch therapy that stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself. It can be done through clothing.
In this four-hour, introductory class, you will learn to apply key elements of Bowenwork to different parts of the body to

  • Ease breathing difficulties
  • Relieve muscle tension, joint pain or stiffness
  • Ease heartburn, acid reflux and other gastrointestinal complaints
  • Relieve neck, back and knee pain Address injuries

Bowenwork is safe and appropriate for all — from infants to the elderly, from elite athletes to people with chronic conditions.
If you would like to learn a safe way to promote wellness in yourself and others, then this introductory Bowenwork class may be right for you.

Bowenwork – the complement to complementary therapies – places wellness in your hands! $95.00 (includes a manual with photos and anatomical illustrations designed with care for the needs of beginners).

Bowenwork Class Cancellation Policy:
If the class is cancelled due to an insufficient number of students, then registered students have the choice of having their tuition fee returned, or applying their fee toward the next class s/he takes with the instructor. If a student is sick, or for some reason not able to attend class, but notifies the instructor 48 hours prior to the class, then the student’s tuition fee will be honored toward the next class s/he takes with the instructor.

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Who Studies Bowenwork?

Many health professionals incorporate Bowenwork into their previous practice of massage, physical therapy, naturopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, or medicine because Bowenwork increases their patients’/clients’ wellbeing. Prior training in, e.g., anatomy and physiology, may be credited toward the Academy’s requirements for certification.

Some individuals without any prior experience in bodywork study Bowenwork only to help friends and family; of these, some later change careers entirely to offer professional Bowenwork services to others.

Level I Practitioner Training

Certification by both the American Bowen Academy and the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia for Professional Bowenwork Practitioner Level I requires the completion of a minimum of 380 hours of training:

• 212 hours in the theory and practice of Bowenwork (including classroom training, the preparation of 10 case studies, and a minimum of 50 hours of logged hands-on practice)
• 120 hours of anatomy and physiology
• 30 hours of business skills (or proof of having run a private practice)
• 6 hours of workplace hygiene, health, and safety
• 8 hours of bodywork ethics (taken within the previous 10 years)
• documentation of CPR certification

At the end of their certification training, students are required to pass a rigorous 16-hour practical assessment of the hands-on work and a written test.

Overview of Modules 1-7:

Every module includes demonstrations of each procedure, extensive supervised hands-on practice, and a review of previously taught procedures, along with the following:

• Detailed explanation of anatomical landmarks and location of moves
• Explanation of client and practitioner positioning for comfort and safety
• Discussion of indications and contraindications, appropriate draping, pre-session intake questions, and post-session self-care advice
• Manuals with detailed notes, photographs, and anatomical diagrams
• Written assessments and group discussions

Prerequisites: The modules must be taken in sequence, following these timing guidelines: In order to provide enough time for practice, take single modules no closer together than one per month. Or, if taking pairs of modules (e.g., 1&2, 3&4, 5&6), wait at least two months between each pair and the next.

Module 1 Contents
-The Bowenwork Move
-Lower Back Procedure
-Upper Back Procedure
-Neck Procedure
-Kidney Procedure
-Head Procedure
-Working with a Client

Module 2 Contents
-Respiratory Procedure
-Shoulder Procedure (with an Assistant)
-Shoulder Procedure (without an Assistant)
-Hamstring Procedure
-Cramp Procedure

Module 3 Contents
-Pelvic Procedure
-Elbow/Wrist Procedure
-Sacral Procedure
-Knee Procedure

Module 4 Contents
-Ankle Procedure (with Strapping)
-Upper Respiratory/TMJ Procedure
-Bowenwork seated
-Procedures for Babies and Children
-Hammer Toe Procedures (with Strapping)
-Bunion Procedure
-Tom Bowen’s Home Remedies

Module 5 Contents
-Coccyx Procedure
-North Procedure (Shoulder)
-East Procedure (Shoulder)
-South Procedure (Shoulder)
-West Procedure (Shoulder)
-Gall Bladder Procedure
-Chest Procedure

Module 6 Contents
-5A & 7A Medially Procedure (Hamstrings)
-Bursitis Procedure
-Recommendations to Assist Conception
-Perineal Procedure
-Bedwetting Procedure
-Thoracic Procedure
-Ossie’s Recommendations

Module 7 Description
Module 7 is a two-day testing module, administered by an assessing instructor.
We highly recommend that you attend a Review Class before taking Module 7.

Module 7 Prerequisites:
Completion of Module 6 at least one month earlier
Completion of 10 case studies and 50 log hours documented by Module 6 instructor

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